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Transform your property by optimising the light with internal steel doors. These are high-quality interior doors made of real steel and will give your building that elusive ‘wow’ factor. The people who buy from us are typically homeowners, builders, property developers, architects and interior designers. We are known for our quick lead times and direct-to-you prices.

Our steel internal doors and screens doors are an investment in your property. All our products are made of real steel to the high quality that suits your style. When it comes to real steel, there’s simply no comparison. They need less maintenance and have that elegant look that is distinguished and chic whilst giving you decades of use.

No matter where you are in your project, we can help. We typically help customers across all of the UK get their internal steel doors on time and budget. You can spend the money you’ve saved on the rest of your refurbishment.

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Our products

Those who want to install a wall to divide one space but want the magic of light find that internal steel doors and screens provide the perfect solution.

Steel framed doors and screens can optimise the light in a property whilst partitioning the space. The outcome is maximum light with a timelessly elegant look. Another benefit is reduced noise for greater privacy. Choose from hinged or sliding doors to create a home office, divide your rooms, or even a screen to enclose your shower.

If you’re in the process of refurbishment, know that we offer shorter than standard lead times, better prices and higher quality. You can’t go wrong. Our team will help you choose the best solution with confidence.

Maximise the light in any space with our screens. Great for adding a partition to the dining room, bedroom, kitchen or living room – you can add a separate area for an office or other purpose. Reduce noise and gain the privacy that comes from adding a room divider.

Whether you are seeking a quiet, closed space so you can work from home, or you want to enjoy the light of the open space, our steel hinged doors provide an attractive option. The traditional and contemporary look is finished to a high standard and made with high-quality materials.

You make your choice, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our job is to ensure that you receive your order within budget and on time so that you can enjoy the benefits of privacy, noise reduction and excellent light optimisation.

Enjoy the sleek look of the steel internal sliding door. Just let us know what size and style you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer off the shelf sizes but can also create bespoke sizes to fit your space. We can deliver on within wall, over the wall or whatever you need to complete the design vision.

There are plenty of options with the steel internal doors and screens. You can opt for single and double doors and choose glazing options such as security glass, decorative or frosted. It’s really up to you how you want to use your space and reflect your personal taste.

Why use The Steel Glazing Company for your internal doors?

  • We’ve got more than 40 years of glazing experience

  • We can get your steel windows and doors delivered on a short lead time
  • Our products have real-steel frames and are high-quality

  • You save money and reroute it to other parts of your project

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